Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan snacks top 5

When you’ve booked your Disney World vacation, chances are you chose a fitting Disney Dining Plan to go with it. All Dining Plans hold a certain amount of credits to spend on food and beverages all over the parks and hotel restaurants/stores. Snacks are also being represented! Depending on your type of Dining Plan, you will receive all your snack credits at once during check-in time. It’s up to you how you spend them; if you like you can spend them all at once in one day or spread them out as you like. There are so many countlessly types of snacks Disney offers. Let’s set some out here and show you our personal Disney Dining Plan snacks top 5.

Disney Dining Plan snack credits are valued around $5 each. So the best way to spend your credit is to get a snack as close to this value as possible. You will find snacks in all kinds of values, varying from approx $2 to $6. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend your credit on a bottle of water. Water is free all over Disney World! Rather buy a good water filter and take that with you. It saves you money, the snack credit and it gives you tasty and healthy water. So what are good suggestions for Disney Dining Plan snacks? Here we give 5 examples of some mighty fine Disney snack options!


Number 5: Dole Whip Float

This divine pineapple/vanilla ice cream treat with some fresh pineapple juice in the bottom is a great way to spend your snack credit. It’s valued a little over $4. Imagine you walking around in the Floridan heat, looking for a tasty refreshment. Well…the Doly Whip Float is surely one to try out. If you don’t like pineapple ice cream, you can also pick a vanilla flavor only. Or just a pineapple flavor only. Or both! Up to you, it’s your party.  You can get in Magic Kingdom at The Tiki Juice Bar.


Number 4: Mickey-shaped ice cream

Of course, you’re at Disney World! You must have tried this delicious chocolate flavor Mickey ice cream. You’ll find this snack all over Disney World. It’s probably one of these things Disney World is really famous for. So when you spot one, give it a go. You will be surprised for the good taste, it’s nothing like a regular chocolate ice cream as you might expect… there’s a reason why this ice cream is so iconic.


Number 3: Mickey-shaped pretzels

Yes, they’re good! They even have some versions with cheese in it. You can have them heated up for you. You should really give them a shot when you have the chance, not every location will have these pretzels but you might run into one at some point.


Numer 2: LeFou’s Brew

How to describe this signature drink…imagine a frozen apple juice with some toasted marshmallow and a passion mango foam on top. How does that sound? This drink is a real must-try if you ask us because there’s nothing like it. It’s named after Gaston’s sidekick LeFou from Beauty And The Beast. So you will find it at  Gaston’s Tavern at the Fantasyland area in Magic Kingdom, near the Be Our Guest Restaurant. In fact, you might run into Gaston himself when you’re done. Next to this treat you will find some other amazing snacks like cinnamon rolls.


Number 1: Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival Snacks

With snacks valued up to $7, trying out some of the amazing International Food & Wine Festival snacks is a great deal. This festival takes place only once a year at Epcot. You will find some unique stands with appetizers from all over the world. So not only it’s a good way to spend your credits in terms of value, you also get to try out some extraordinary food options!


There you go, these are five examples of snacks of which we think are great options to spend your Disney Dining Plan snack credits on. How do you know when you can use one of these credits? Well, you will find a small purple logo on the pricelists. This logo represents the fact that you’re allowed to use a snack credit. Wherever this may be, it could be at a coffee kiosk, a restaurant, at a store in one of the parks or even in your hotel shop. Just look for the logo and you’re good to go.