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Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

Walt Disney World Resort holds over 32 Disney hotels and apartments to stay at during your visit. They all have their unique features, so you can pick one that suits best for your situation. On the Disney World website, you can view the entire list of hotels. You can use a filter for finding exactly the right place you’re looking for. One of these places is Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort. In this post, we will take a look at this Resort from up close and show you the ins and outs.

A major decision to be made when you book a Disney World vacation is where to stay. Today we’ll tell you about Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort; a hotel where we stayed ourself during our trip. We can share all inside information with you guys, for we had some very interesting discoveries. Let’s first tell you some basic need-to-know information. Art Of Animation is considered a Value Resort. This means the price range is overall not as high as many of Disney’s other hotels. The hotel has four buildings, each with its own free parking lot, themed after four Disney classics: Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. One of the things that make this hotel stand out is the fact that it owns three pools, of which one the biggest of entire Disney World. And…you can hear music under the water while swimming in the Finding Nemo pool. Can you imagine this? Enya was actually there!

disney art of animation resort

Art Of Animation rooms

Another very unique thing about this hotel, and one of the main reasons for many visitors to choose this one in particular, are the story rooms. You might be wondering what a story room is. Well…a story room is a room designed from head to toe in a certain theme. In this case, one of the four Disney movies mentioned earlier. So you walk into your room and all you see is the movie surrounding you. Art of Animation is one of the three Disney hotels that offer these types of rooms We can tell from our own experience, these rooms are incredible. When you have a child being a huge fan of one of the movies represented, he or she will probably be in heaven soon. We stayed at The Little Mermaid room. Good to know: this building is the farthest from the reception, the restaurant, and the shop. So be prepared for this.

Back to the room, which has so many mermaid details. Even the bath is completely designed like Arie’s grotto. Insanity all over again, but in such a good way. Let’s not spoil all the details and keep you a bit excited about your own room discoveries. Next to the beautiful design, you will receive some cool bathroom freebies like a shower gel or shampoo. They will keep refilling this stuff, so don’t worry about using them. The rooms have no window, but by the air conditioning system, you can definitely set a comfortable room temperature. You will have several room styles to choose from, depending on your party size. You can stay here while traveling alone but there are also family suites available.

disney art of animation resort hotel

Art Of Animation amenities

This hotel holds many facilities to hold on to. There’s the free bus transportation system that will take you to every single Disney park or area. There’s the free WIFI and parking for hotel guests. There’s the restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner and where you can also use your Disney Dining Plan credits if you have any. There’s a A 24-hour ATM is located near the Front Desk, a currency exchange service, a childcare service, a mail service, a laundry service and so on.  Please remember when you visit the parks, you can use the Art Of Animation Resort store as a delivery point for picking up your purchased Disney merchandise. This is also a free service. Finally, the hotel has a wonderful daily activity program for its guests. So even when you decide to stay one day at the hotel, there will still be some fun events like pool games or a movie under the stars.

Overall, this hotel has a great price range, it has beautifully designed rooms and lots of complimentary services. The downside might be the fact that you will have to travel a bit by bus or car to get to the parks and areas. Then again, Disney World is so huge, you almost can’t avoid that. And the bus system is really well-aranged. Are you in for some magical nights at Walt Disney World Resort? Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort will do the job just fine.