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Cheap Mickey ears from Aliexpress…why not?

Imagine….you’re saving lots of cash for your ideal Disney World vacation. Why not save on such a simple thing as Mickey or Minnie ears either? This is something that calls for useless discussions. Let’s just leave those behind and let everyone decide for themselves if they want to save $72 on 4 pairs of cheap Mickey ears for the entire family. These are pretty much identical to the ones at the parks. In fact, some are even carrying the official Disneyland label!

Mickey ears…a crucial part of the experience

So for some people who visit Disney World, wearing the Mickey / Minnie ears are absolutely crucial. It’s an essential part of the experience. So at the parks, you can, of course, buy these ears basically anywhere. They will cost about $20. You can choose from various designs and colors, suitable for girls, boys, and adults. You will find people wearing these Disney ears constantly, so definitely don’t be afraid you will stand out for some reason. In Disney World nobody stands out. Those are the rules. So what you can do when you’re looking for some Mickey ears is go to one of the parks, run into the closest store and buy a pair. There’s a cheaper alternative though. You can order a pair of cheap Mickey ears online at AliExpress in advance of your vacation

cheap mickey ears
Order cheap Mickey ears for not even $2!

Cheap Mickey ears from AliExpress

AliExpress sells cheap Mickey ears. They cost about $1 or $2 each. This will save you such an incredible amount of money. Imagine you’re with a family of 4. It saves you about $72! A family of 6? $108 dollars saved. Even the worldwide shipping is for free. Please make sure you order these kinds of ears online on time. It will take about 30 days max to arrive. But to be sure, save 60 days for the ordering. You will have ears on time before take-off. AliExpress has many designs for cheap Mickey ears. Some designs are actually labeled with the original Disneyland label. We know it’s identical to the park ears, we literally kept them next to each other. The ears in Disney World had the exact same Disneyland logo on it. For that matter, it’s hard to tell the matter of ‘fake’ ears on AliExpress. Some are actually the same. Not all of them, but some.

Other cheap Disney merchandise on AliExpress

Next to cheap Mickey ears you will find so many other Disney merchandise items for a bargain price. Think a nice park bag, an Elsa costume for your daughter or some cheap sunglasses. After all, daily over 200 pairs get lost in the park. It can’t hurt having an extra pair with you. It’s definitely worth a peek to take a look at the website. Some items we also put in our Disney trip essentials shop for inspiration. Take a look and see what these items can save you.

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