Disney World Monorail System explained

Traveling around Disney World is so easy. There are buses, a ferryboat and then there is the option to travel high up in the sky with the legendary Disney World Monorail Transportation System. Let’s take a look at this lovely free way of traveling from park to park, from resort to park or the other way around. It’s like an attraction on its own and a must-see for when you visit the parks if you ask us.

Disney names it the ‘public transport of the future’, the Disney World Monorail System. It’s is a fast—and fun—way to get around Walt Disney World Resort. For this reason, if you have some spare time left, take a ride in this lovely iconic monorail. Walt Disney World Resort guests have complimentary access to the monorails, buses, and boats, so it could make a fun activity and a great way to give your legs and feet some rest from all the walking. Besides, you will have some great views coming up during the ride. The system contains 12 trains (red, , gold, coral, orange, yellow, lime, green, silver, black, teal, blue, and peach).

The Disney World Monorail System opened in 1959 and was the first of its kind in America. Each year, about 50 million park guests take a ride on it. Did you know the Disney monorail pilots are trained separately from bus and watercraft drivers and captains for safety reasons? And also, that this transportation method is very eco-friendly? It’s because it runs on electricity. The trains don’t emit gases this way.


Disney World Monorail stops

So now you might wonder where you can actually find the stops when you are in Disney World. There are two different monorail routes to choose from, depending on your Resort or the park where you’re at.

Route 1:

  • Magic Kingdom park
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Transportation and Ticket Center (adjacent to Magic Kingdom parking)
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa


Please note that route 1 holds 2 lines; the Magic Kingdom line shuttle between Magic Kingdom park and the Transportation and Ticket Center and the Resort hotels line, which stops at all of the above locations.

Route 2:

  • Transportation and Ticket Center
  • Epcot


Yes, the destinations by monorail are limited, you can’t reach the other parks like Animal Kingdom with it. You can reach these easily by the free buses and boats though. Guests have complimentary access to monorails, buses and boats at Walt Disney World Resort.


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disney world monorail system