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Largest store in Disney World gets giant make-over

Here’s a little fun fact: Disney World Orlando has the world’s largest Disney store on its property: World Of Disney.  The 50,000-square-foot facility is definitely worth a visit when you are there. It’s located at Disney Springs. Are you visiting Disney World this year? Chances are you will run into their current make-over project for this giant Disney store.

In 1996, the World of Disney saw the light. The store has several ‘rooms’ with different Disney merchandise themes. The entire store will receive a major make-over this year, in fact, they probably are working on this as we speak. They will not shut the place down completely, but take care of every area one by one. An empty store nearby the Town Center section of Disney Springs will be filled up with the merchandise of the areas that will receive the renovations at the time.

For some fans of the store, some disappointments might come up when it comes to the signature look of this store. The refurbishment is expected to remove a significant amount of theming from the store. This way they can facilitate quicker changes to product and floor plans. Think of themes like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Disney Princesses.  Also, some old aspects such as lightning will become different. Onto the side of the World of Disney is a Starbucks location. It’s not known if this is staying or not.

Chances are that other stores and restaurants in Disney Springs will also get a new look. There might be some major updates on the Rainforest Café as well.

The new World Of Disney, the largest store in Disney World, should be opening by the holiday season. When you are a Disney merchandise diehard, this store is absolutely a must-see when you are at Disney Springs.

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