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Melting away at Disney World? Use these five tips!

Oh my, the sun in Orlando can be so hot! Especially for those who are not used to this kind of weather. We’ve heard about people having some ‘fresh air’ from the air conditioning in the park toilets during the summer season, just for cooling off a bit. And did you know Disney World does not sell sunscreen lotion? In this article we will provide you some essential tips for staying cool, protected and hydrated during the hot days at Disney World Resort.

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Tip 2: Avoid the sun during peak hours
Take some nice rides which are inside during the sunny peak hours, like The Haunted Mansion, the Pirates ride or It’s A Small World. Maybe you can make FastPass+ reservations for times like these. You can enjoy the rides and stay out of the sun at the same time. Of course, this also goes for the other parks. Maybe checking out some nice shops during the hottest moments of the day is a great alternative too!

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Tip 3: Take your own sunscreen lotion
The Disney World Parks do not sell sunscreen lotion or any other sun protection products. You might find some at your Disney World Resort hotel gift shop, still, you don’t want to take this risk. Your vacation will be ruined when you get burned the first day. Also for the kids who enjoy playing in the sun all day, you better be prepared. What we did was taking some travel size sunscreen lotions with us, so it fits in the handbag. This is by far the easiest way to make sure your skin is being protected from the sun. For example, you can buy 3 Neutrogena tubes of SPF 70 sun protection in travel size on Amazon. This brand has excellent reviews because it’s very suitable for sensitive and pale skin.
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Tip 4: Wear sunglasses + take an extra pair
Your eyes need to be protected from the sun as well. Use sunglasses with UV protection. Hey, here’s a little insiders fun fact: in Disney World about 200 pairs of sunglasses get lost each day. Each day! Imagine it would be yours. For this reason, take an extra pair with you. You can also add these sunglasses cords onto your glasses, so they will never leave your neck at all.
Tip 5: Cool off!
Yup, it’s a delight to cool off when the sun is shining so fiercely high up in the sky. You can cool off by taking a little park break and dive into your Resort’s swimming pool. Or how about having one of those iconic Mickey Mouse ice creams and find yourself a shadow spot in the parks to enjoy it? The Dole Whip Float is another great suggestion (ice cream with fresh pineapple juice) to make you feel cool in an instant. Of course, getting into one of the toilets and cool your neck, face, and arms with some cold water can do the trick as well.
There you are, five things you can do to not be bothered by the sun and enjoy your days at Disney. A very final short one: wear a hat or a cap when you’re head needs protection. We hope you find this article useful and we wish you some very magical days at the parks!

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