fastpass+ magic kingdom
FastPass+ Planning Rides & attractions

FastPass+ ride list and suggestions for Magic Kingdom

In our ebook, you can read all about FastPass+. This is a free service from Disney World, which you can use to skip the regular queues at selected rides and attractions. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the system, in this article we take another look at it and we show you a list of all the rides at Magic Kingdom park that offer this service. Also, we share some personal recommendations! 

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melting away in disney world
General tips

Melting away at Disney World? Use these five tips!

Oh my, the sun in Orlando can be so hot! Especially for those who are not used to this kind of weather. We’ve heard about people having some ‘fresh air’ from the air conditioning in the park toilets during the summer season, just for cooling off a bit. And did you know Disney World does not sell sunscreen lotion? In this article we will provide you some essential tips for staying cool, protected and hydrated during the hot days at Disney World Resort.

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Disney merchandise

Largest store in Disney World gets giant make-over

Here’s a little fun fact: Disney World Orlando has the world’s largest Disney store on its property: World Of Disney.  The 50,000-square-foot facility is definitely worth a visit when you are there. It’s located at Disney Springs. Are you visiting Disney World this year? Chances are you will run into their current make-over project for this giant Disney store.

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disney world monorail system

Disney World Monorail System explained

Traveling around Disney World is so easy. There are buses, a ferryboat and then there is the option to travel high up in the sky with the legendary Disney World Monorail Transportation System. Let’s take a look at this lovely free way of traveling from park to park, from resort to park or the other way around. It’s like an attraction on its own and a must-see for when you visit the parks if you ask us.

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how to plan a day in disney world
Activities Planning

How to plan a day at Disney World: 10 essential tips

Planning a day at Disney World: where to start? It’s not so hard at all to make most out of your Dinsey World days. There are some very essential things to keep in mind, especially during the booking process. Because not having some sort of plan when you visit the parks is the worst idea of all times. In this article we will provide you crucial tips and tricks for how to plan a day at Dinsey World. Take a look!

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Activities Free things & budget tips

Free Disney World activities for the whole family

There are countless ways how to spend a day in Disney World. For this reason, making a planning with your personal highlights is absolutely necessary. There’s a huge list of events and tours you can participate in. Do you like Star Wars? Then you might want to consider one of the Star Wars themed activities. Or have you always wanted to see Disney World behind the scenes? Choose one of the exclusive Disney World backstage tours. Some of these events charge fees. However, there are also some fun and free…

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cheap mickey ears disney
Disney merchandise

Cheap Mickey ears from Aliexpress…why not?

Imagine….you’re saving lots of cash for your ideal Disney World vacation. Why not save on such a simple thing as Mickey or Minnie ears either? This is something that calls for useless discussions. Let’s just leave those behind and let everyone decide for themselves if they want to save $72 on 4 pairs of cheap Mickey ears for the entire family. These are pretty much identical to the ones at the parks. In fact, some are even carrying the official Disneyland label!

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disneys art of animation room resort hotel
Disney Resort hotels

Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

Walt Disney World Resort holds over 32 Disney hotels and apartments to stay at during your visit. They all have their unique features, so you can pick one that suits best for your situation. On the Disney World website, you can view the entire list of hotels. You can use a filter for finding exactly the right place you’re looking for. One of these places is Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort. In this post, we will take a look at this Resort from up close and show you the ins and…

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Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan snacks top 5

When you’ve booked your Disney World vacation, chances are you chose a fitting Disney Dining Plan to go with it. All Dining Plans hold a certain amount of credits to spend on food and beverages all over the parks and hotel restaurants/stores. Snacks are also being represented! Depending on your type of Dining Plan, you will receive all your snack credits at once during check-in time. It’s up to you how you spend them; if you like you can spend them all at once in one day or spread them…

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