Hefty Food Storage Bags (78 pieces)


You are allowed to bring your own food into the parks of Disney World!

During our time there, we filled up plastic food storage bags like these with cut vegetables, fruit and some candy. Of course, you can also make your own sandwiches and take them along with you, or stuff the bags with fresh muffins, donuts, and other baked goods. They will stay intact because of the zipper, which closes the bag completely. When you’re in Orlando, you might want to consider using Amazon Prime’s grocery service, to deliver fresh products to your Disney World Resort front door and take them with you in bags like these. It’s a great way to eat healthy during the day and save a huge amount of money at the same time. Because let’s face it, for a bottle of water alone you will be spending around $3,50.

Hefty Slider Storage Bags will do the trick perfectly. It’s a great investment to buy a pack of these and to use them during your Disney World vacation.



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