Water Filter Bottle


We mentioned it multiple times in our ebook: in Disney World you can get water for free almost everywhere. This is great because it saves you a lot of money on buying bottles of water. The downside to this free water is the fact that it tastes like swimming pool. With this pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Filter Bottle & Carry Case you can drink naturally filtered water and actually enjoy the taste of it.

Filtered water improves hydration, mental clarity, energy levels, immunity & general health & wellbeing. Above all, it tastes so much better. You won’t have to buy $3 water bottles to drink some normal water for a change, just take one water filter bottle with you and benefit from it with the entire family.

We took a water filter bottle ourselves during our trip. You will discover the difference in an instant. This pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Filter Bottle & Carry Case is a nice suggestion to take with you to the parks. The case makes it easy to carry around.

An amazing product for enjoying free Disney water every single day of your Disney World vacation.


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