Useful links

Disney World website

The official Disney World Resort website.

All Disney Resort hotels

Part of your homework before you start booking your Disney World vacation. Where to stay during your vacation? Check out all Disney Resort hotels right here. You can make selections that suit your situation like price range, resort location or specific characteristics such as story rooms.

Airbnb apartments in Kissimmee, Florida

Staying at an Airbnb apartment during your vacation in Orlando can save you an incredible amount of money. As we described in our ebook, we saved over 1800 dollars while staying at an Airbnb apartment in Kissimmee for 3 weeks. The parks are only about 20 minutes away by car. Check out all apartments in Kissimmee right here and see what it can save you. Use this link to get $40 off your first booking!

Special Events & Tours list

It’s important to check out all of Disney World’s events and tours. Some special events only take place on certain dates and require a separate ticket, like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Also, you might need to make a reservation. like for a behind the scenes tour, nighttime entertainment, Star Wars related activities and so on.

All Disney PhotoPass Service locations (scroll down)

Especially for people who have booked Memory Maker, finding all PhotoPass locations throughout Walt Disney World can be a big deal. And trust us, there are many! Check all of them out right here.

All Disney Dining Plan locations 2018

Check out all the locations throughout Walt Disney Wolrd for breakfast, lunch or dinner when purchasing a Disney Dining Plan.

All Disney stores throughout Walt Disney World Resort

Are you looking for a specific Disney merchandise item? Take a look at all the shops to be found around Walt Disney World.

Disney rides for using the Rider Switch

As explained in our ebook, if guests in your party can’t or don’t want to board an attraction, for example because of small kids, you don’t have to stand in line twice. Switch with the waiting adult afterward, who can board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again! Check the selected rides right here.
In our ebook, we mention rides where Language Translation Devices can be used. You find them all down here.

The official Disney Springs website with information on shops, entertainment, dining and activities.